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Creative and Digital Design Team

We are a creative design team based in Surabaya that believes that today’s creativity and technology are inseparable. With our expertise in visual branding combined with extensive knowledge of the web, we want to help you navigate this digital age to grow to your true potential.

Why use the word “Desainew” for the name of our studio? Because the word “Desainew” comes from the word “Desain” (Design in Indonesian) means we focus on the field of graphic design and “New” which means we present this graphic design using the latest design trends.

The Desainew Studio was founded on July 8, 2012 by Irfan Prastiyanto. At first the founder focused on creating blog content ( to a youtube channel about graphic design tutorials ( Then the founder received a logo design service offer. And finally the founder established himself to open graphic design services until now.

The tools used are Inkscape, Gimp, Blender, Shotcut. Thanks to open source software developers, for they are in developing open source software.

We have worked with clients from various fields such as industry, food, fashion, etc. Our diversity in background and client service provides us with a fresh perspective when facing new challenges.

We value our relationship with you – our clients. Your growth as a brand reflects the growth of our team, and vice versa. We believe your growth and our growth are inseparable.