Hello everyone, sorry I rarely update the blog here. More or less I have migrated from blogspot to CMS (Content Management System). I learned a lot during this migration, especially about hosting / servers, managing domains, CDN, double authentication, to security. At least I learned by doing when using this new platform. Yes, what is used is the wordpress platform because it is more flexible than blogspot.

Actually, the beginning of my use of wordpress has been a long time since the school era. I started doing it 3 years ago, because in the office where I worked, I made landing pages using wordpress. So I got used to it until now. And finally I started migrating.

It takes at least one month for the settings to be considered stable, this website can be accessed. Sorry if this bothers you as a visitor to this blog. You can visit my old blog at the address desainew.blogspot.com

In this wordpress platform, I use the page as the main landing page as the homepage, then I can enter my portfolio and post separately. That’s the good thing about the wordpress platform. The bad thing is that we buy hosting again. same setting here and there. Thanks to the wordpress team and their plugins that have made blogging easier for me.

That was how my first post greeted me (although this isn’t actually the first post). If something goes wrong, save me. Thank you for reading my confession in this post.

Written by Irfan Prastiyanto
March 20, 2021