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Yummee, Food and Beverage Outlet Logo Design

Yummee Logo Design-by Desainew Studio

Hi, here we share the “Yummee” logo design for businesses engaged in the food and beverage sector. This business is a small business located in a city on the island of Borneo. The client uses a brand with the name YUMMEE. Which means delicious/delicious. Then we make the logo to design the Instagram feed. Here … Read more

Rumah Pilah Logo Design

RUMAH PILAH is a waste management service that invites people to sort waste from their homes. The aim of this service is to provide economic value to inorganic waste in order to get a second chance to be recycled. To make this “Rumah Pilah” logo design. We use the keywords reuse, reduce, recycle, and circular … Read more

Kedai Kopi DISONO Logo Design

This is the logo design we made for a coffee shop in Sidoarjo, East Java. The business name is “KEDAI KOPI DISONO”. The name DISONO itself is a regional name and can also be interpreted as “there”. And here we add coffee bean shape elements to the letter O to produce a unique logo design. … Read more

Flower Bouquet Web Design in FIGMA

Hi, here I share my project in the field of web design. This time I got an order from a friend of mine to create a small business website. Her business is a flower bouquet shop. Because she wants to online her shop, so she needs a web to make her flower bouquet shop look … Read more