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Police Car Illustration Vector design in Inkscape

I don’t know why lately, I like to play illustration. Especially in Inkscape. Maybe because I often look for inspiration on Pinterest. So like that, with the combination of colors and the shape of the illustration. Here I made a police car illustration in Inkscape. First, I sketched it out on paper. Then I traced it manually, I made line art for the basic shape of the police car. Then coloring and creating shadow effects and lighting effects. I’ve also prepared a color palette that I chose myself. For more information, you can watch inkscape tutorials on my YouTube channel

For those of you who want to explore the design of this police car illustration. Here I also share the SVG file. So you can be creative in it.


NOTE: This svg file is ONLY for education. Not for sale or commercial

That’s all for writing this post. I hope you can follow this Inkscape tutorial video well.