Logo Design

1. Clients can contact me via email or telegram, then discuss with me about the logo design brief that the client wants. Includes logo styles, logo types, colors, symbols, and more. To work on this logo design, we need 1 week and the specified time adjusts the queue

PROMO : Clients don’t need to pay deposit, 100% payment is made when the final design is submitted

2. After the brief is finished, I will work on the logo design according to the brief by doing logo research in the same field. I’m just doing some research here for inspiration (so I’m not copying existing logos). Usually I need 1-5 days for this research. My research is the result of googling and making a rough sketch of the logo on paper

3. After doing research and making a rough sketch. I directly create vector designs in graphic software. i make logo design according to client’s requested package. I made a color version of the logo and a black and white version. Usually I work only 1-2 days

4. Then I send temporary logo design to client by adding watermark and limited image resolution

5. After that the client has the right to decide whether this logo design is accepted or not. The client has the right to submit a revision of the logo design according to the price of the selected package

6. After the deal, the client can pay for the service to me using paypal or bank transfer. And I will immediately send the final design file within 2×24 hours. I will send the file via email

The file I sent includes a vector logo design (svg, eps, pdf) in both color and black and white versions. Then Logo with transparent background with high resolution. Then Draw a social media profile photo. And the font if the font used is from google font

Need Creative Design?

I’m very good at logo design, illustration, tracing, web design, doodle, or any other vector design. Contact me by clicking the button below.