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Flower Bouquet Web Design in FIGMA

Hi, here I share my project in the field of web design. This time I got an order from a friend of mine to create a small business website. Her business is a flower bouquet shop. Because she wants to online her shop, so she needs a web to make her flower bouquet shop look professional.

Her flower bouquet shop is called Magifartflorist. Previously he was selling on marketplaces like shopee. So I asked for the detailed info needed for this website. Such as catalog photos, copywriting, addresses, and contact numbers.

There are various kinds of flower bouquet shape catalogs with various functions. And here is the flower bouquet shop web design that I have made.

To see the process of making this web design, you can watch it on my YouTube channel. Here I made the web design in Figma, then I built it using WordPress and Elementor.

For those of you who want to find web design services for your business. Can contact me below.